Koch Associate Program

New Koch Associate Program concentrations will deepen opportunity

February 8, 2021

Education and growth starts with reflection. What are your strengths, and how can you use them best? What factors are holding you back, and what mindsets can you adopt to contribute? These questions guide what we do in the Koch Associate ProgramKoch Internship Program, and Poynter-Koch Media and Journalism Fellowship at the Charles Koch Institute 

In tandem, wask ourselves tough questions about whether we are doing our jobs to our fullest ability, if our educational programming is empowering social entrepreneurs. We constantly look for ways to enhance the impact of our programs and to better serve both our participants and our partners.  

As part of our ongoing efforts to enhance the impact of KAP, we’re excited to announce the creation of four new learning concentrations connected to specific issue areas: Foreign Policy, Development, Health Care, and Technology & Innovation. Each concentration which be connected to roles within our partner organizationsFor our partners, a concentration-based approach will offer them the targeted talent and energy they need to enhance or expand their work. 

This approach will further connect associates to specialized opportunities where they can immediately help a nonprofit reach its unique goals. We believe the most effective learning happens when individuals are able to apply new principles and tools to relevant, meaningful work. These positions will provide associates with opportunities to gain experience solving realworld problems, along with professional training and mentorship designed to accelerate their growth as future leaders in their chosen field.   

Offering associates the opportunity to emphasize particular issue area for their hands-on work will not come at the expense of deep professional development. In addition to a subjectmatter concentrationassociates will continue to discover how to grow their aptitudes and drive their own career growth through capstone projectsWe will also surround each associate with support from peers and mentors who will push associates to learn more about themselves and their unique skills. 

With this evolved design, KAP’s mission remains the same: to provide associates with the coaching and tools they need to become leaders, social entrepreneurs, and innovators who are prepared to address today’s (and tomorrow’s) challenges. 

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