Stand Together Fellowships

Unlock your potential by: Leveraging a self-driven approach to professional development tailored to your interests. Tapping into our national network of leaders in public policy, education, and local communities. And learning how to apply proven principles that help people, organizations, and societies thrive.

What We Do

Stand Together Fellowships empowers rising social entrepreneurs to accelerate professional growth and drive new and better ways to tackle our country’s most pressing challenges.  

We do this through innovative educational programs that deliver a personalized, learner-driven approach that enables you to discover, develop, and apply your unique gifts and strengths; leverage new tools, mindsets, and principles that unlock entrepreneurial potential and supercharge contributions; and explore the ideas and values that are proven to help all people realize their potential.

Each program connects you with opportunities for coaching and mentorship from experienced professionals, as well as a full-time role with one of our outstanding partner organizations. 

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